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La Bohème

By News

Worked with Jakob Arevärn on this commercial for upcoming opera La Bohème.

Tracking and stabilizing of shot. 3D snowfall, animation and compositing.

See it here:

Toontrack – Metal Month

By News, Portfolio

Toontrack - Metal Month

Selected shots of 2D/3D animation and compositing work for Toontrack Metal Month promo.

Most of the shots I worked on were painted by Pär Olofsson. Edited by Toontrack.

Watch the finished promo here:

Vodafone – Netguys

By Feature, Portfolio

Worked with North Kingdom on their production for Vodafone, called “Netguys”.

The end result is a 3D flash game for a Vodafone campaign.

Watch the intro here:

ZD YouTube FLV Player

Main role in this project was:

– Character design, texturing and 3D modeling of the four guys. Both for ingame and cinematic use.

– 3D animation and final post of animated intro.

You can also visit the final site if you want to take a closer look at the final product.